Attending RISC 2019 will be the most cost-effective professional and organizational development choice you make all year. It is the most relevant and densely-packed educational and networking opportunity available to professionals like teachers, head teachers, school managers, school owners and the future generation that means the students and their parents too. You will experience a full year of benefits in the form of new and greater knowledge that you can apply directly in improving your organization's goals

Why this conference, RISC 2019?

For everyone:

Education reform implementation is here, and implementation is well underway to adapt to its new requirements and opportunities in the realm of international and intercultural Education. Get a head start on anticipating and adapting to the evolving environment, including learning what strategies, tactics and organizational capacities are being adopted by your peer organizations.

Attend the conference that takes a systems view of Education improvement, blending international and intercultural Education, international and intercultural benefit, population Education and Education communities strategies.


Tangible Benefits of Participation for children

As early education professionals, we appreciate the value and necessity of lifelong learning. In order to maintain quality of practice, we absolutely need to stay on top of our game by attending early childhood conferences. Research is always changing the way we understand young children and how we approach their care and education. Not being up-to-date with the latest news and teaching approaches not an option!

Continuing education has both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, since by advancing our professional development we can benefit our careers and better serve the children under our care.

When you propose the attending the RIS conference, focus on specifically what you will bring back to the organization to demonstrate return on the investment. We promise, your participation is equal to the self investment.

RISC conference is a great way to acquire valuable information, as they offer a multitude of presentations on a variety of topics. Usually, the conference program is available in advance online, so you can look over the topic choices and presenters before you even get there.

Teachers, Head Teachers

RISC considers academic excellence as our strategic pillar embraced by the principles of the European Education System to deliver quality education. All our speakers act as mentors who will support the students and teachers to identify values of education and map out their educational journey, guiding them to successful lives and living generations.

Professional development for faculty is critical to their success both in the classroom and in their scholarly pursuits. In general, professional development activities are an important part of any career. Professional development opportunities provide professionals with strategies and examples of how to grow as a person and advance their careers in a positive direction. Networking with others in the field, getting new and innovative ideas, self-reflection and re-thinking of previous methods, and improving communication skills are just a few of the ways professionals can grow and develop. Attending academic conferences is one way in which faculty can develop professionally and have these types of experiences.

School Managers & Owners

Tangible Benefits of Participation for children

This is the conference most focused on both strategy and tactics for international and intercultural Education program leaders. It addresses emerging thinking on international and intercultural Education in accountable care, international and intercultural Education needs assessment, international and intercultural benefit program practices, evidence-based practices, and social determinants of Education.

It is the largest gathering of education-based international and intercultural Education vice-presidents, managers and division heads. hoices and presenters before you even get there.


Knowledge Benefits from the Educational Conference - Parents

The benefits of RISC 2019 conference is well worth the money spent to attend. You owe it to yourself to attend RISC conference. It's a day for you to step out of the routine to be refreshed and revitalized, and to bring wonderful teaching techniques, resources, and even materials to the children in your care.

That’s why attending parent-teacher conferences is so important: it’s a great way for parents to become involved and stay involved throughout the school year. Parent-Teacher conferences are a good way to meet your child’s teacher and learn about your child’s academic performance, as well as the teacher’s expectations. If you know what is expected in the classroom, you can more easily address any issue that comes up as your child moves through the school year. .

By attending conferences, you also send a positive message to your child that school is important. Keep in mind that you are an equal partner at the conference. If you have questions or observations, the conference is a good time to share them with the teacher. Don’t forget to share what you know about your child. Your information helps the teacher better understand and teach your child..

Educational Program

Strategic Benefits from Educational Program

"The field is changing rapidly and in uncertain ways. It is difficult to view the 'forest' when we're working at the 'tree' level. Our organization needs to anticipate, understand, and adapt to changes both in the policy environment and in professional practice.

"Attending the RISC 2019 will enable us to see how the field is changing: the economy, national Education reform, growing sophistication in program design and evaluation, and increasing connections among international and intercultural Education.

By attending conferences, you also send a positive message to your child that school is important. Keep in mind that you are an equal partner at the conference. If you have questions or observations, the conference is a good time to share them with the teacher. Don’t forget to share what you know about your child. Your information helps the teacher better understand and teach your child..

Networking Benefits

This conference will enable me/us to meet and interact with international and intercultural Education faces and the professionals in similar roles and organizations around the world. We will be able to take the pulse of what our peer organizations are talking about and planning for, and how they are accomplishing specific goal or activity."

Team Capacity-building Benefits (if multiple individuals from your division/organization attend)

"The conference will help build our team by providing a forum for team members to learn and discuss best practices, new tools, and emerging trends. Doing this together will build a shared knowledge base for applying this information to improve our strategies, programs, processes, and outcomes."

Exhibit Hall Benefits

"Leading vendors of products and services for Education promotion, program design and evaluation, international and intercultural Education assessment, and international and intercultural benefit will be present. This is our chance to collect information and evaluate multiple vendors for all at once, helping us make a more informed decision more quickly."

Post-Conference Reporting

Commit to yourself up front that you will prepare and share a conference report with him/her and the team. A conference report of one to three pages conveys key information about the conference to people who did not attend, and ensures that you will transmit its value effectively to your organization.

Consider working on the trip report while at the conference or during your travel back home. This is when the information is freshest in your mind, so it makes the trip report much easier to write and quicker to deliver.

Examples of information you might include in the report are:

  • Executive summary of key themes, concerns, ideas, and practices discusse
  • Keynote session highlights;
  • Specific Breakout or Skill-building session highlights
  • Networking event take-aways (new contacts, why they are important, who will follow up)
  • Information about products and services, gathered from conversations with vendors in the exhibit hall
  • Program ideas or recommendations picked up or thought up while at the meeting